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Welcome to the official web site of the Ebone (KPNQwest) NOC Employee Occupation

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Since midday on June 6th, the employees of Ebone (KPNQwest) are occupying the European Network Operations Centre in Hoeilaart (Belgium) and maintaining the Ebone network on a voluntary basis.

What is at stake?

  • Survival of the largest pan-European internet backbone, carrying approximately 50% of european traffic, impacting 100,000 European businesses which could now face bankruptcy themselves.
  • Their jobs.

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Media contacts

If you are from the press and want to contact the Ebone NOC employees, please contact one of the following people:
Graham Kinsey +32 2658 5454 / +44 (0)7968 582173
Jean Alves +32 495 672289
Kurt Vlaminck +32 495 277865

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Official Ebone NOC Forum website
(Contains the latest news updates directly from ourselves. Why not participate by giving us your opinions and offering your support?)
the forum is back and working perfectly

Ebone.net (ebone backbone looking glass)
(Trace and ping destinations from any Ebone router, you will see that our network still works!)

Live webcam in Hoeilaart NOC ***back in service***
The webcam is back for all our visitors


Contact webmaster by email (all your ideas and suggestions are welcome)